At the beginning of the year 2018, I bought a new wide angle lens for my Nikon d750 DSLR, a 20mm tilt shift suitable for architectural photography. So, on the February afternoon I went out to try it heading to the countryside called Garcitella, thinking of photographing my house. The day was bad, the sky was covered with gray clouds, "l'ariu tunnu" as it say in my country, Campobello di Licata. I don't know if it was case, fate or simply the closed bars of the level crossing that stopped me, but I stayed in the car waiting for the train to pass, "these slow trains in Sicily!" I thought. Just adjacent to the railway there is a social winery that has been abandoned for years, closed by a grating and a large sliding gate to my right. A place that I had always seen from the outside, passing there; with the bars closed at the level crossing, I decided to go inside to take some pictures so, after having parked my car, I took the tripod and the reflex camera and I searched an access point. Once I entered, there were a huge clearing and a small concrete structure (where I think there were offices) in front of me; behind, huge steel silos, a steel so shiny almost to reflect the sky, fallen to the ground or perhaps resting, in any case bruised, resting on the grass grown between the cracks in the asphalt. So I found my station, I opened the tripod, I mounted the reflex with the new lens, I checked the light, I fixed the shot, all very calmly because the sunset was coming and the light was beautiful. I took the first photo, then the second after having off-centered to the left and to finish the last shot, after having off-centered to the right. Garcitella is done!

This project was born in this way, from a first shot, I observed a place that I had known for years by simply changing the point of view "and also the objective", another perspective.
The artist Silvio Benedetto wrote on the photographs.


Campobello di Licata (AG) 2018


Marsala (TP) 2018


Favignana (TP) 2018


Naro (AG) 2021


Campobello di Licata (AG) 2022


Canicattì (AG) 2022

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