Licata (AG)
The risks of escaping across the Mediterranean are increasing. In 2015, one in 269 people died during the crossing, one year later in 71. In 2019, the figure rose to one in 45.
Rich and evolved Europe manages to build gas pipelines under the sea, but it also manages to build walls on the surface.
The Mediterranean is the cradle of many civilizations, a sea of peace and trade, but also of wars. It is a water that gives hope and life like a mother's womb, but it is also separation, detachment, it takes away life, unites and separates lands, it is border and frontier.
It swells and boils more for its problems than for its waves, today it is a sea marked by fractures, not only by the internal xenophobia of Europe, but also by the wall that rises in the middle of the sea and on which many boats crash.
It is a "sarcophagus" sea.
We should try to rediscover the ancient common roots, which humanitarian tragedies seem to have swept away. We should try to defeat "borders", to rediscover the pleasure of dialogue and respect for each other's identities, to recover the civil sense of living together and of confrontation, the foundations of culture and its very vital diversities.







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